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there he goes. dear friend of jaesz ka yellin's that he is, apparently wanted to put the american flag up and show it tohe world. of course, there are easier ways to hang an american flag. there's always your front yard but he wanted to do it the most difficult way and as a result he is now behind bars, we understand. he's been arrested. we don't know what the charges are but we'll learn. i'm rick sanchez. thanks so much for being with us. book goes on sale. and here now "larry king live." >> larry: tonight, jimmy fallon. ♪ the late-night laugh man is turning prime time emmy host. he wants your host. you'll fine out. then his take on the new cast of "dancing with the stars" his old
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stomping grounds, "saturday night live." plus, jay versus dave versus conan. what's it like to play beer pong with betty white? jimmy fallon, keeping it real. even when he imitates other people. he's next on "larry king live." >> larry: i love our openings. thank you, folks. good night. we are out of time. jimmy fallon is here, he's host of the double emmy award winning "late night with jimmy fallon." hosting the 62nd annual emmy awards this night on nbc. >> it's not the 60-second annual prime time -- longer than 60 seconds. i don't want people thinking it's -- >> larry: i meant the show is 62 years. >> longer than 60 seconds. longer than a minute. >> larry: i have in front of me an emmy i won. >> hey.
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>> larry: yeah. so i thought it would be appropriate to display -- >> that's a beautiful award. >> larry: you have probably gotten them. >> i got one recently. i think they mail them to you. i haven't got mine fed-ex'd to me yet. >> larry: how did they ask you to host this. >> it's on nbc this year so i think they run down the nbc list of like -- so i was right under "the biggest loser" and me. they said, no. i said, yeah, absolutely. but i did it -- the emmys last year. neil patrick harris did a great job hosting. >> larry: you were a presenter? >> i did some bit where i came out with an auto-tone and sounded like -- i was a rapper and i was like. ♪ party ♪ everybody ready to party ♪ everybody -- i slipped and pretended to hurt my back and screaming in pain and autotoned so it was like -- help me. and so,dy that for a while and then i said -- just roll the
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clip. roll the clip. they said, would you want to host maybe think about it for next year. >> larry: when your family knocked the crib over? >> we didn't have a crib. i was raised by wolves. >> larry: take a look at one of the emmy promos. watch. ♪ >> what's on the schedule for today? >> 10:00 staff meeting. 1:00 drinks with the client and tonight you'll be hosting the emmy awards. ♪ >> can i get you a drink? >> a drink? it's 10:00 in the morning. >> larry: take off on "the mad men." funny, funny. >> yeah. >> larry: the preparation for this kind of show. what do you have to go through? on tape all this week, right? >> repeats all this week in new york so i'm in l.a. i got a tan.
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this is what i call a tan. this is pretty good for an irishman. i burn first and then the burn goes away and turn a cinnamon color. but i come out here. as soon as i heard that i was hosting, we started writing. with my writers and late night and we came up with 200 great ideas and then, you know, honestly, probably 50 ideas and the producer, gave it to him. these are all great. a great producer. all great. but we do have to give out awards. at some point. this is too many bits. we whittled it down. we have a really good, strong opening, i think. >> larry: this is -- >> got to have a good opening. >> larry: can you give us a hint? >> i can give you a hint. it's -- it's -- >> larry: just a hint. >> a lot of celebrities are helping me. >> larry: are they going to tape the opening? >> you asked for one hint. this is ridiculous. >> larry: having a twitter contest. explain it for our fans.
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>> okay. so what we are going to do,'m on the emmys. watching the emmys. you have a computer, laptop, mobile phone. you look at the presenters that are on that list and you go, jon hamm abe you go, my grandfather should leave my grandpa for jon hamm. you tweet that out. i select from -- all amounts of tweets. i could use them to intro a presenter on the emmy. type out an intro -- >> larry: get something if you use my twit? >> fame. >> larry: your name? >> fame. your name is on the emmys and your twitter address. probably get followers. at least five followers guaranteed, yeah. >> larry: this is -- >> bizarre idea. >> larry: this is modern, social media. >> you couldn't do this last year. who knows if it will work? something different and to keep you watching the emmys. why not? i'm here. i have a phone with me. try it. >> larry: this is only thursday
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but be honest. are you mother vus? >> a little bit nervous. i have thrown up a couple times. i got more for weight loss but, you know, you know, because you lose weight faster. >> larry: critics watch this and then monday morning reviewed. >> yeah. i know that. usually the reviews never that good. >> larry: never -- they don't laugh. critics don't laugh. >> they don't -- yeah. i'm not looking for good critics. i was thinking about that. because neil patrick harris did well and i was going to do what he did word for word. i figured if i did half goods he did i'll be happy. >> larry: you won a couple em s emmys. >> he -- >> larry: no, you did. >> we do the pretapes and we spoofed "lost." we did late. a vel va or the crashed and we didn't get off. we have no budget, larry. you have to understand. we had to use an abandoned floor at nbc and made it work. so we got nominated, yeah. we won for a "glee" spoof called
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6-b where the studio is and we did a sing thing. a song thing. it was really funny and then for best website. late night with jimmy >> larry: website is an emmy? >> always been. >> larry: they have -- come on. >> no. i don't know if it's a new -- i'll take it. it's emmy. >> larry: would you jump up and shriek with glory and glee? >> yeah. i cried. and that's just what happens in my bedroom every night. i have problems. i have to take ambien or something. the nightmares i have are just awful. i could get into detail but it would blow your mind. >> larry: do you want to keep doing this late night thing forever? do you have a goal beyond this like -- like -- leno out. you in. >> no. >> larry: really? >> i'm happy where i am. 12:30, it is like if you get -- you know, the viewers, the ratings, they're happy. the network's happy. i'm happy. so far, so good. i'm really happy.
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>> larry: you don't look beyond it? >> no. i said this on the show when the "late night" thing went down. i said i learned from hosting late night from david letterman and conan o'brien is it's a one way ticket to not hosting "the tonight show." host late night for a couple of years. >> larry: doomed. >> exactly. so maybe i'll get into the perfume business. >> larry: there's a rumor spreading now that you are a big-shot host you're thinking of getting this job. and want to check this out. were you sitting in this chair earlier? >> was i sitting in that -- >> larry: did you sit in this chair? my chair. >> i don't -- i don't think so. i mean, i don't know what you're talking about? >> larry: are you denying it? >> i don't know what you're getting at, larry. >> larry: watch this, jimmy. >> which he boy began, wisconsin, you're on the air. hey, jimmy fallon, you're great,
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man. so glad you're replaced larry king. you're better than larry himself. that's nice. without larry i wouldn't be here. please. nashville, tennessee, talk to me! man, jimmy fallon, you are noneny, man! you are like the greatest ever. the greatest in country music, too. i just want to say you are like three-alarm chili funny. >> thank you. so nice. honored to hear that. thank you so much. brockton, massachusetts, you are on the air. you are working funny, buddy. you have done it again! oh my god! i would never laugh so hard in all my life. every time i watch cnn i watch you, buddy. hey. i apologize that was -- i guess i was here. >> larry: were you comfortable in the chair? >> very comfortable chair, actually. really is. it's worked in. has that been here for the whole time? >> larry: you lied to me, though. >> now it's turning into "the godfather." will you put an orange peel in
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your mouth and go -- >> larry: you have relatives in new jersey? jimmy got the start on "saturday night live." we'll look at some of his greatest moments and ask what he thinks of that show now and what's ahead for that show and we'll talk, of course, of late-night wars. don't go away. okay, class, our special guest is here -- ellen page.
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tonight, on the horatio's show -- see what i did there, right? he's gone from saturday night to late night, please say hello to my white knight who gets it right the not up tight jimmy fallon. >> look like you're dressed exactly like larry king. >> yeah. >> just be you. just be yourself and -- >> i want to make a smooth transition into the job. you know what i mean? i don't want to shock old people. >> this is just -- >> larry: okay. jimmy fallon, he hosts "late night." now, you have got your show.
9:14 pm
>> yeah. >> larry: because conan was replacing jay. >> yeah. >> larry: they need someone at 12:30. >> that's right. >> larry: and then do you feel any guilt that you suddenly have a show that conan didn't have until he signed with tbs and conan mentioned you that he wouldn't quit -- wouldn't stay because they would move you to 1:00 a.m. >> yeah. >> larry: so you changed the face of late-night television. do you think about that? think about it. >> you put it that way, i'm thinking about it, yeah. >> larry: you! >> thank you, yes. i got it. you know what? >> larry: we're live now, jimmy. you have to respond. >> when i got this -- when i got "late night," everything was fine. it was good. conan was there and jay was -- jay -- we didn't know what jay was up to. >> larry: somewhere at 10:00. >> jay at 10:00. we didn't know what he was going to do at 10:00 and then became the biggest story in the business and i'm just sitting there like, i just got here.
9:15 pm
i don't know -- and i got here at the most exciting time in late night and friends with jay and friends with conan. and i'm friends with dave. i'm friends with all those guys because as an actor you go on all the shows. i'm going to keep my head down and make people laugh. >> larry: what did you make of the wars? >> you know, it's tricky. it's difficult stuff. you go, like, i don't know -- i don't know what the real story is. i don't know what they have dealt with but i know that it's -- it was crazy. >> larry: what was nbc thinking? your network about the 10:00 script show. >> another talk show. well, i thought you do jay leno's talk show, then you do the news and then conan's talk show and then at that point everyone in america's just ready for one more talk show. >> larry: that was the thinking. >> yeah. just primed up. like, let's go. more talk. this is fantastic.
9:16 pm
>> larry: how do you think conan will do at 11:00? on tbs. >> they're lucky to have conan o'brien, i think. he is a funny, funny guy. i know him. he's great. so i think it's -- he's going to change the face of their late night structure, absolutely. >> larry: do you see craig ferguson? >> yeah. i talked to him on the phone. >> larry: you do? funny guy, too. >> he's a really funny guy. charming guy, smart guy. we have totally two different shows which i love because i love being up against that because it's apples and oranges. i called him go, he says, listen, jimmy fallon. we're sitting in the late-night wars. i go, yeah, no late-night wars. he was really funny and did a thing waving to me on -- from his show with the big mickey mouse hand. he goes, no late-night wars. he goes, if you don't want, wave back. so i got a hand and i waved back across the country there. just being buddies. i have talked to him since. >> larry: you have this gig. you came to comic, "saturday night live." were you comfortable in the fact
9:17 pm
of hosting a show, doing bits? >> not at first. it's not easy. it's tricky. i got used to it. when i first started i didn't have the air conditioning where it should be in my studio. i was sweating. i had flop sweat. what are you like, raging bull? you are in a movie? how's the movie? what's a movie? go to commercial. what's a movie? he was confused. and now, now, i'm much better. >> larry: comfortable? >> i used to worry about time. do we have enough time? going to commercial? now i don't care. it's like just talk. i would talk and the conversation get good and then go to commercial. it is like, what are you doing? shut up and let them talk. >> larry: secret is the world ain't going to change. right? >> that's good. >> larry: it ain't brain surgery. >> i love this. we'll miss you when you go eventually. >> larry: i'll be around. >> now you'll be around longer. rumors are around you're doing a show with kate gosselin? it's going to be amazing. >> larry: he'll never be back. we'll be back with jimmy fallon.
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my turn. here we go. didn't even bounce, yeah. drink it up, yeah. oh my god. >> maybe i'll sniff it. >> larry: is she a hoot? >> man, what a great person. >> larry: her career is alive again. because of snickers. >> exactly. that's what it was. snickers commercial. yeah. she was coming the emmys. and just -- >> larry: going to do a thing on the show? >> dear lord, i just hope she's not drunk. i just pray -- >> larry: late afternoon. >> just tough. getting her in the limo. that's the hardest part, you know?
9:22 pm
prop her up in the chair. >> larry: on the show? >> almost like a "weekend at bernie's thing." attaching the strings to her arms. clap and stuff like that. >> larry: let's hope she lives. okay? all right. how did you -- how did you get "saturday night live"? what were you doing at the time? >> i was doing stand-up comedy out in los angeles, out here. i got my start. i grew up in upstate new york. socrates, new york. it's by woodstock. my mom heard about an impression contest on the radio and so she told me, she goes you're doing voices up in your room. why don't you go after this contest? i went out. bananas comedy club and won first place. i think it was like $500.
9:23 pm
i was 16 years old. and i was like, $500 for 1 minute of comedy? this is my career. this is a good gig. >> larry: how did you get "saturday night live"? >> i went out to l.a., did groundlings. got an audition for the show. i went and performed in front of loren michaels. >> larry: just him? >> they have you do impressions and the original characters and if you do any music, do musical impressions. i was an impressionist. i wanted to do different characters and voices. everyone tells you loren's not going to laugh. the guy's putting the microphone, good luck, dude. loren's not going to laugh. don't worry about it. he's seen it all. no problem. i go into the makeup room. the girl's like, oh, you look great but, loren's not going to laugh. just know that. he doesn't laugh. he's seen it all. i go, okay, okay, great. i go into wardrobe and they're like, here you go. you look great. loren doesn't like to -- i go, i heard you. what's this guy's problem? i do this. i'm so scared.
9:24 pm
everyone tells me he's not going to laugh. i do impressions. one point i do adam sandler and he starts laughing and puts his head in his hand. and he starts laughing. no one had done adam sandler. i was like, wow. my moment. this is the coolest thing. >> larry: hire you right there? >> no. i just felt it light there. that's the "wonder years" moment. they wait you for like three months. this is true. the agent is calling every day. you don't hear anything. i didn't get it. i'm a loser. this is over. my career's done. you know? i don't know what to do. i was going to have eight babies with somebody and start a reality show. i didn't know what was going to happen. he calls and i met him. and i was in california out in paramount studios. i met him in a room that was all white. very heavenly. cream colored and white. it was like a calvin klein obsession ad and the wind was blowing. he had his shirt off. no, just kidding. but he was sitting there and he had his feet up. he said, do you wear wigs? first question. i was like, oh, i do this to my
9:25 pm
hair. he goes, no, no. i'm asking if you've done characters and wore wigs because we want you for the show. everything was in slow motion. >> larry: let's look at some of jimmy's greatest "saturday night live" hits. watch. >> this is pat sullivan from fenway park. i'm here with my denise. >> that's not what i do. >> yes, you do. >> oh. that's -- that's not what i do. >> yes you do. you do that. ♪ ♪ talking about chest hair >> oh, by the way, you're welcome. >> larry: what a lot of fun it was. >> best job in the whole wide world. it was the greatest, autohistory there. six seasons.
9:26 pm
i think almost seven. >> larry: i hear will forte's not returning. movie star now, right? >> i guess so. i don't know. i haven't talked to him. >> larry: you became a star. a lot of stars came from that show. >> i left -- i wanted to do a blue sheet. he was in three years and left. things don't work like that anymore. do you know chevy chase was on one season? >> larry: what? who? >> chevy chase. >> larry: one year? falling down. >> falling down. that's it. big star, movie star. i mean, everyone thinks chevy chase must have been on for ten seasons. >> larry: what do you make of the show now? >> best show on television besides "larry king live." >> larry: because? >> because it's live. it is live and -- all that work, the hard work. just the lighting is hard work. the makeup, the hair, the costume changes. i mean, do you know how many times we spoof "larry king live" on the show? it is not easy to build the little dots. >> larry: one night you came on, you breathe cold. you don't say anything. just cold. the first bit is always cold. and i'm watching. i was at disney world for an award show.
9:27 pm
i was a presenter to ted turner. he was going on television hall of fame and saturday night. i turned on tv and i see my set and i -- first thing i said was, they're running a tape. >> you thought, did i do that? >> larry: yeah. >> when did i do that? >> larry: they did great things. >> they do great work. and it's like live every week and it is like what people don't know going to commercial break, you know, you're at home watching a commercial, they're running around, people under the bleachers. >> larry: they show them running around. where they show a -- yeah. >> a quick little bumper. it is magical show. and loren michaels is brilliant. all the people that work there. >> larry: jimmy's imitated some of the biggest names out there. seinfeld, cosby and as you saw even me. we'll get a sampling of his voices next. he's hosting the emmys! ( revving, siren blares )
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9:31 pm
you're working with these people that are obviously so talented? >> i have the worse time for that. thank you for asking. i really break up in sketches. i'm very unprofessional actor but i've worked with -- we did a sketch called -- i think it was called -- everyone calls it cowbell now. it was with will farrell and he was a cowbell player in the band and played it so loud that the band couldn't hear the instruments. they have amplifiers and hitting the cowbell really loud and then the producer comes in, christopher walken. what was wrong with that take? it was great. i got to have more cowbell, though. you know? so he kept doing this. will farrell's like, i'm trying >> bruce wants more cowbell, we should probably give him more cowbell. let me do myself a disservice and every member of this band if i didn't perform the hell out of this. >> he kept doing this. he's like, that's what i'm
9:32 pm
trying the say. we got to have more. and so he did this bit in dress rehearsal and then on air, came on with a smaller shirt. and so when he lifted the cowbell, the gut came out the bottom. i couldn't -- then the glasses fell off and running around kicking things. >> larry: you had to laugh. >> like looking in the eyes of a lunatic. he is the funniest man on earth. >> larry: did you see the other guys? three times i saw it. >> they had the silent fight. at the funeral? they were whispering fighting like i'm going to kill you. they start fighting each other but quietly. >> larry: bed, bath and beyond. >> oh my gosh. great. >> larry: mark wahlberg. >> fantastic. >> larry: comic actor. >> michael keaton, they got his back. i like that. >> larry: loraina, texas, for jimmy fallon, hosting the emmys sunday night, hello. >> caller: hey, jimmy. who's your favorite person you ever worked with on "saturday night live"? >> oh, man. >> larry: that's hard. >> i would say loren michaels. >> larry: i guess in skits. >> they're all good and cast
9:33 pm
members but me and tina fey had a good ride. we had a good ride. >> larry: she's doing okay. >> what is she up to? i think a show with kate gosselin. >> larry: do you have something for kate gosselin? mentioned her three times already. >> look, i'm just saying, if this show doesn't work out for me, kate, i can dance, be a dancing partner. i have seen you dance. >> larry: i know you can dance. >> yeah. >> larry: let's do some imitations, all right? we don't have to go long. >> do you do impressions? >> larry: just me. >> you do a pretty good you by the way. >> larry: jerry seinfeld. >> people, what is this place? what kind of colors are these different colored dots? >> larry: cosby. >> you know, the people, they come on larry king with the lip and -- >> larry: chris rock! >> "larry king live." "larry king live." "larry king live."
9:34 pm
>> larry: robin williams. >> oh, it's a beautiful thing, yes, thank you. the kids at home going -- where's larry? yes. what's up? kick and chain and hello. hi. oh yes. thank you. >> larry: you know about robin williams? you can never remember anything he did. try to repeat the next day robin williams' jokes. >> 100 of them. >> larry: i know. let's do one more, adam sandler, one you did. >> okay. he has like three levels. adam sandler. mumbling adam like, good to see you, buddy, all right. how are you doing, pal? and then he does the crazy voice like -- and then he does the creaming where he goes -- shut up! >> larry: was that -- you said your mother liked the way you did that? >> yeah. >> larry: did you imitate family members? did you do your aunt?
9:35 pm
>> yeah, i would just do like -- i think i would be in my room and do impressions of my dad and do grandpa and my dad was very -- my mom, performers in the house. they have house parties and we're irish and that's what irish people do. they get together, they have a good time and someone sings a sad song and then cry and then go to sleep. maybe there's a fight. >> larry: that's in the other room. >> yeah. in the bar. exactly, it is in the bar. my dad would do like james cagney and stuff like that and learned from my dad to do impressions. when i was a kid i would do rodney and james cagney and those guys. >> larry: dangerfield? >> it was like, all right. i can't do it now. i tell you, right, my wife's -- cooking so bad, since when does toast have bones? okay. she said, take out the garbage, i said, you cooked it, you take it out. all right? he's the greatest. >> larry: he was funny. >> man, no respect does great. my dad had the no respect album. very irish catholic raised kids. my dad would take a key and scratch out the curse words and
9:36 pm
skip over the curse words. i'd miss half the joke. i tell you, the guy walked in and he was -- my wife said -- and then he said -- and you go, this is -- i'm not getting the joke. >> larry: any famous performer you couldn't catch? a guy you couldn't imitate that you wanted to imitate? there s there unimtatible person? there must be some. >> i've done somewhere i go, that's just bad. i remember i did the dad from punky brewster. george gains. do you remember george gains? he was in "police academy" movies. he had a really deep voice like this. i had to do him and i couldn't do him well. i used to practice over and over. trying to get the different voices. >> larry: you do pacino? >> i don't do a pacino. i don't know. he just -- emphasis on the wrong words. it is getting late! i'm here with larry. king! live. i don't know. that's kind of like that. >> larry: we'll be right back with jimmy fallon.
9:37 pm
he is hosting the emmys sunday night. president obama, sarah palin, the cast of "jersey shore." we'll get jimmy's take on what's in the news next. hey what's going on? doing the shipping. man, it would be a lot easier if we didn't have to weigh 'em all. if those boxes are under 70 lbs. you don't have to weigh 'em. with these priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. no weigh? nope. no way. yeah. no weigh? sure. no way! uh-uh. no way. yes way, no weigh.
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>> larry: earlier this year, we had mick jagger on the show and of all the topics to cover we discussed you. watch. >> jimmy fallon. >> larry: explain it to a logical person. >> well, what do you mean what we're doing -- >> larry: he does you, right? >> lots of people do me. jimmy does his version of me which is of course nothing like me. jimmy does a funny version of me. >> larry: do you do jagger? >> i do -- i do like that's a fake version of mick. the real version is like -- it's like yelling and clap -- random clap out of nowhere. yeah. pointing at you and mad at you. hey! what why you doing sitting over
9:41 pm
there? i'm over here! yeah. that's the we do it like. rooster like that. that's the mick jagger we -- that's not mick jagger. that's mick jagger on sedatives. yeah. he is just going -- that's not me. i don't do that. i don't talk like that at all. >> larry: political questions. what do you make of sarah palin? >> sarah palin. well, i'm actually supporting levy johnston right now because -- yeah. this is serious. he's running for president of haiti. >> larry: mayor. of -- running for mayor of a city in alaska. >> should be the president of haiti. i mean, the guy's got a lot going for him. he should just consider it. >> larry: what do you think of the president of the united states? >> i like him. i think he's cool. very well spoken. he should just speak. he speaks a lot. he is very good at speaking. >> larry: don't do anything else? >> just look, look. no look. look. look. no look. >> larry: he does that a lot. >> look. no look. we're looking. what is going on?
9:42 pm
what do we have to look at? >> larry: what do you make -- the recall of eggs, by the way, are you eating eggs? >> i do eat eggs, yeah. i'm not afraid. i don't think the places i go have weird eggs. where is this recall? >> larry: it's in restaurants. >> i don't go to restaurants, larry. >> larry: where do you eat? >> space. my friend's richard branson. we fly out to space. oh, yeah. earth eggs? i guess earth eggs. you didn't specify the egg. >> larry: what do you make of the "jersey shore" phenomenon? >> phenomenon. i love it. i'm obsessed. i think it's great. this season is better than the first season. do you know the situation? he's the guy -- he calls the abs the situation because they're just -- he calls it a situation showing the abs. the new thing this season, they cut to him any time something happens for a reaction shot. he is like from "three's company." he's like -- what? and then someone gets in a fight and he's like -- pulls the sunglasses. it is like the best.
9:43 pm
it is just the best season so far. i love "the jersey shore." >> larry: you are a fan. what do you make of the jetblue flight attendant? whatever -- >> gatlin brothers? larry gatlin? what do i think? all the gold in california. great song. >> larry: they should do a commercial to show their chutes work. >> steven slater. oh, yeah. hey, jetblue. our chutes work. exactly. the best way to quit your job ever. are you kidding me? get on. curse everybody out over a p.a. system. grab two beers. not one. jump out the window. he is a legend. he's fantastic. i love that he got suspended, too, from jetblue. it's like, what do you have to do to get fired from jetblue? what has gone wrong with these people? suspended from -- really? suspension. okay. good for you guys. >> larry: we have a twitter question to kings things. you twitter. you're a -- >> yeah. >> larry: you're a fanatic. >> twit. thank you.
9:44 pm
tattooed on my shoulder. larry king, you're a twit. larry king, thank you so much. >> larry: the twitterer asks -- is that correct? who's been your favorite person to interview so far? >> gosh. i did like interviewing robert deniro. >> larry: you liked him? >> loved him. >> larry: tough guest. >> had nothing to promote. he came on because he's a new yorker and he likes me. and that meant the world to me and that -- when you starting a show, not easy to book guests. the fact he did that, i love him. >> larry: tough to draw out. >> one-word answers. >> larry: no, no. how do you do deniro? >> nope. yep. i don't know. what? i don't even take huh? huh was a good -- you know the question was good when he asked you to repeat it. my mom said -- she's deaf in one ear.
9:45 pm
i'm not sure if it's true. she's deaf in one ear. i don't know what happened but she doesn't hear in one ear. she goes on letterman. letterman has all the mothers, famous mothers on the show to do the top ten lists. every mother does a joke. beyonce's mother, lance armstrong's mother. so my mom comes out an her joke was like, stay away from that paris hilton or something. and then she went back in line with the other mothers. letterman giving a rose to the mothers that came on. here you go. thanks for coming on. to my mother, thanks for coming on. my mother goes, what? and it's like -- really, mom? he goes, thanks for coming on. she goes, oh, okay. and he gives her another rose and keeps going. gets to his mother, he's out of roses because he gave my mom two roses. i can't believe it. you're doing this is unbelievable. >> larry: jimmy fallon, he'll host the emmys sunday night. he'll be back. don't go away. manding track in the world. with us, in spirit, was every great car that we'd ever competed with. the bmw m5. and the mercedes-benz e63.
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for it was their amazing abilities that pushed us to refine, improve and, ultimately, develop the world's fastest production sedan. [ engine revving ] the cts-v, from cadillac. the new standard of the world.
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9:48 pm
influence on capitol hill. big names taking big bucks from
9:49 pm
companies for private charities. naming names and politics and money. selling sex online. craigslist under pressure from attorneys general of 17 states removed the adult services section. legality and constitutionality of stopping them. tonight in "crime and punishment." tropical storm hermine just making landfall. where it's headed. those stories and more at the top of the hour. now back to "larry king live." >> caller: hi yeah, larry. >> larry: hi. >> caller: if a movie of your life would be made, what actor would you like to see portraying you? >> larry: uh-huh. >> huh. if george clooney and brad pitt can't do it -- >> larry: one or the other. clooney is darker hair. >> darker. we can dye his hair any color then probably i'd have to say clay aiken.
9:50 pm
>> larry: clay aiken? interesting choice. you sing, right? >> absolutely. i tried to sing all the time. >> larry: more from twitter. jimmy always does male voices. i'm not a feminist but i would love to know if jimmy can do any chick voices. i would love to know if jimmy can do any trick voices. >> i can do clay aiken. i used to do alanis morissette. i don't know if i can hit the note any more. i used to practice. the older you get, the deeper your voice gets. it was talking about -- i said, thank you mike & ikes. thank you candy corn. thank you, thank you smartees.
9:51 pm
it was off tune. >> can you do chris walken? >> i don't do him that well. >> larry: he's hard to do much. >> i think he's pretty easy to do, there's guys who do him great. >> larry: he's in a play with one arm? >> is it still on broadway? >> larry: i don't know if it's still running. >> he's fantastic. i'm the merchant of venice. anyone buying this? he's the best. he's one of the nicest guys. he came on and hosted the show, i was afraid, i was like, oh, my god, it's christopher walken. he was like, where's my mark. tell me where my mark, i'll hit my mark. okay, i think it's over there. who am i to tell this guy? he's like, hey, jimmy fallon. jimmy fallon, let's do a song and dance. >> larry: he's a great dancer.
9:52 pm
>> greatest dancer. what a fun guy to hang out with, i love him. >> larry: las vegas, hello. >> caller: larry, thank you for taking my call. i am going to miss you so. but my question for jimmy is, is jimmy, who makes you laugh? which comedian makes you laugh? >> larry: he just metric els. >> i just met don rickels and bob new heart. >> larry: he dwnt know who you were. >> they're sitting there with their beautiful wives. i go hi bob. jimmy, how are you? don, you know jimmy fallon? rickels goes who? who? are you famous. i know this kid, this is the kid, you spin the bottle, you win a prize. congratulations on the emmys. he's a nice guy. he sticks the burn. you've been friends with him a long time.
9:53 pm
>> larry: 100 years. >> he wrote you a letter once? >> larry: he wrote me a letter when he was doing "young warriors" with clint eastwood from yugoslavia. in it he goes, you know how boring it is here if you're getting a letter from me. tito was president of yugoslavia for many years. and rickels said, i don't want to say this country is poor, but we were going to go out last night, but tito had the car. >> it's things like that, this guy's brilliant, right? you see the joan rivers movie? >> larry: terrific. >> i thought it was a great movie. >> larry: you're married three years now, you want to be a father. >> yeah, yeah. married three years, i'd love to have kids, so would my wife. >> larry: you have to tell her? >> hopefully she's watching. this is the way i want her to find out. when i get home tonight -- no,
9:54 pm
she's a producer, works withdrew barry more, flower films. they started that company together. >> larry: are you telling her you want her to get pregnant now? >> i don't want to do it right here. i have rose petals and -- >> larry: the right way? >> the right way. she's the greatest, i love her so much. we're going to have kids. >> larry: we'll be back with james fallin after this. to lat. full-time moms... and everyone who is good at something but wants to be great. welcome to kaplan university. the university that's changing the face of education... to undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees... degrees that can give you a leg up... in a tough job market... in any job market... welcome. welcome to kaplan university. call kaplan university now or visit us on-line to take our free learning assessment.
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♪ [ female announcer ] good friends never run out of things to talk about... and during endless shrimp at red lobster, you can keep the conversation going over endless servings of your favorite shrimp. from classics like garlic shrimp scampi and decadent shrimp pasta... to new creations, like crunchy parmesan shrimp. our best value of the year, endless reasons to get together. during endless shrimp, right now at red lobster.
9:57 pm
thank you, television academy for allowing me to host the 62nd annual prime time emmy awards on august 29th. it's such an honor, and it makes me want to thank all the people who made it possible for this day to come. my parents, lorne michaels, my trainer, my nutritionist, my agent. no, no, no, no, no. who am i forgetting. my agents -- ford henderson, randy sebo. >> larry: okay, that's one of
9:58 pm
his regular bits, thank you notes. >> i'm sorry larry. i'm sorry to do this to you. is it live tonight? are you doing larry king live? i have to write out some thank you e-mails, i have to send them out right now. i was wondering if i could do that right now. >> larry: go ahead. >> thank you, make row breweries for making my alcoholism seem like a neat hobby. thank you, cotton candy for making my grandma's hair delicious. send. thank you, the name lloyd for having two l's at the beginning of your name. if you didn't have that second l, i would probably just call you loyd. thank you, chile's for putting the calories on the menu.
9:59 pm
i'm at chili's what part of i don't care don't you understand. thank you slow family walking in front of me -- thank you, send. sorry about that, larry. >> larry: that's a great bit. >> i love to do that bit. i have great writers. you always hope to get those bits, like leno's headlines. jeremy bronson wrote this. we do it every friday. >> larry: we're almost out of time. is your plan -- >> why were you smiling when you said that? let's do another half hour, come on. after larry. >> larry: are you going to get leno's job? are you going to perform a coupe? >>

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